Friday, July 25, 2008

How I Felt When I Discovered My Son's a Dyslexic

Hello & Welcome to all,

My 7 years old little Asyraf was diagnosed with Dyslexia. Like all mothers, I was shocked, frightened and frustated initially. Then I told myself "Ok, that's it! Don't wallow in pity because it's not going to help him". So what did I do? 'Redha' because it's his fitrah & start educating yourself and find the right kind of help for him! I'm glad I did that because at 11 years old now, he is overcoming his dyslexic.


Cikgu's Tupperware said...

Congratulation Datin. Asyraf is very very lucky to have you as his mother.You are a big help to him. How I wish all mothers are as knowledgable and as involved as you are . How I wish all mothers give their doa and confdence to their child like you do and the rest is god's work.When mum is 'yakin' it automatically works. When mum says 'Alaa special child!That's exactly what takes place. bye 4 now.

Noor Yang Chantek said...

Salam Datin. Where is this CADS located at? I would like to know more about this center.